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College of Public Speaking

Training, Connecting and Networking

The College of Public Speaking is the subsidiary of Institute of Public Speaking that handle training and capacity development. The college, through its systematically designed courses and seminars has the capacity to dramatically transform trainees into public speaking experts. Students at college Public Speaking testify that our training programmes are both practical and exciting.

While the institute of public speaking Nigeria is the professional body, the college of public speaking Nigeria provides a training platform in which practicing public speakers can sharpen other public speaking tools and capabilities, would be speakers are trained in the art of public speaking while corporate executives, teams leaders as well as managers are equipped with an indispensable manner tool for leadership.

Training is available for all categories of public speakers both professional and non professionals who want to achieve peak performance in their own fields. Effective public speaking tools are indispensable for every professional who wants to achieve maximum impact, excellency and personal growth. It equips the individual with indispensable tools for ensuring the achievement of corporate and individual goals  



Who to Apply
All those whose job description involves  speaking to small or large groups of people, examples include:
  • Corporate heads
  • Group heads and team leaders
  • Lecturers and teachers
  • Company representatives
  • Clergymen and women
  • Trainers
  • Media and persons
  • Mass information and orientation agents
  • Muman capacity development personnel