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Institute of Public Speaking Cerifications


  • Obtain the membership application form from the secretariat or any of our approve agent
  • Fill the form and submit.
  • You will be interviewed by the governing council to determine your suitability for the membership status.         
  • On successful performance at the interview you will be awarded membership in the category for which you have applied and are found suitable                                                            
Certificate and Diploma categories are as follows:
1. Certificate in Public Speaking
2. Diploma in Public Speaking
3. Advanced Diploma in Public Speaking and Corporate communication
4. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Speaking and Presentationp
Public Speaking for Children
1. Summer Camps (Maximum of 2 weeks)
2. Level 1+ Stage Show
3. Level 2+ Stage Show
Other Basic programmes are as follows:
1. Basic programme for Secondary school and presentation
2. Public speaking programme course for Teachers Communication
3. Public speaking programme for Campus Students
4. Public speaking programme for Clergymen and Religious leaders
5. Public speaking for Civil servants in both Private and Public Domian (Public Speaking in Business Sectors)
6. Family Public Speaking Programme
7. N.Y.S.C IPS Graduate Membership
8. Serminar for Retirement Readiness
Membership categories are as follows:
1. Student membership S.I.P.S
2. Graduate membership G.I.P.S
3. Associate membership A.I.P.S
4. Full membership M.I.P.S
5. Fellow F.I.P.S
6. Corporate Membership C.I.P.S

Institute of Public Speaking Compertitions
1. Organising National Competitions in Public Speaking
2. Debates
3. Quizzes
4. Spelling bee
5. Talk shows
6. Presentations

Requirement for Election into Membership Positions

  • Student member: To qualify for admission into the institute as a student member candidate must posses the following:
  • Five credit passes including English language from nationally recognized examination bodies
  • Must be a matriculated student of a recognize post secondary institution in Nigeria or abroad
  • Must successfully complete the diploma programme of the college of public speaking Nigeria.

  • Graduate member: To qualify for admission as a graduate member, applicant must be a fresh graduate of any university, polytechnic or college of education in Nigeria or abroad. The youth corp membership scheme fall within this category and is specially designed to enable corps members acquire invaluable skills that will inevitable double their suitability for employment

Candidates who might not have attained this academic qualification but have practiced in the field of public speaking actively for a minimum of five year are eligible to apply for admission into the graduate membership category.
They would however be required to successfully complete the diploma in public speaking at the college of public speaking. Holders are entitled to use the prefix GIPS after their names

  • Associate Member: For election as an associate member of the institute, an applicant must be a graduate of any recognized post secondary institution in Nigeria or abroad and must have been a field professional for at least ten years.

Holders are entitle to use AIPS after thei names

  • Full member: To be considered for admission into the institute as a full member, an applicant must be a graduate of any recognized university, polytechnic, college of education or other post secondary institution considered suitable by the board. He or she must have been a field professional for not less than fifteen years.

Holders are entitled to use abbreviation MIPS after their names.

  • Fellows: This is the highest level of individual membership in the institute. This level is attainable by higher prominent individual who have been engaged in public speaking at corporate or national level and who have brought or are bringing about positive transformation in the society through public speaking. Such individuals include:
  • Nationally recognized motivational speakers
  • Head of Government at all levels
  • Head of oriental and information agency
  • Speakers of federal and state houses of assembly
  • Heads of multinational and corporate bodies
  • Heads of all media organizations
  • Prominent clergymen of impeccable repute
  • Others as may be recognized suitable by the governing council, corporate/institutional membership

  • Corporate membership: This category of membership is available to corporate bodies and institutions which wish to become affiliate with the institute for the common purpose of training and/or development of human resource potential in Nigeria.