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Institute of Public Speaking Nigeria

Welcome to Institute of Public Spealing Nigeria!

Institute of Public Speaking and Rural Development,Nigeria is established. Under CAMA of 1990.

The Institute of Public Spealing and its subsidiary, the College of Public Speaking were founded to meet the ever increasing need for fluency in speaking, personality development and effective presentation skills in the highly competitive environment which most people find themselves today.

In today's realistic world, success is attainable more than not to those who can effectively organize their ideas and present them in a dynamic and systematic way. A professional who desires to get to the top of his/her career would find coming to IPS of CPS a highly rewarding adventure.

Membership of the institute affords you the opportunity to interact with an expanding network of influencial public speaking professionals. Quality is our watchword. If you are already at the top of your career or just a beginner, you will find one or more of our courses interesting and crucial to attaining the peak performance you always desire.

Institute of public Speaking Nigeria is committed to raising and building a new breed of public speaking revolutionaries who can literally change their world with power of words and irresistible speaking gestures. You will be amazed by how dramatically you can be empowered to speak confidently in public with positive influence


To be the foremost professional body enhancing national development through effective public speaking
To build skills in effective public speaking as a viable tool for professional success through training and human capital development services to organizations, institutions and individuals in a professional manner, so as to enhance efficiency and profitability.
Through IPSN You Can:

  • Become a more effective speaker
  • Influence your own generation
  • Develop an incredible persuasive appeal
  • Achieve style in speach delivery
  • Become infinitely more effective in marketting
  • Double your employability potential
  • Develop personal power and influence
  • Achieve more success and lead your world


Bureau of Public Service Reforms

The Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) was set up in 2004 to drive, coordinate and monitor the Public Service Reforms initiated by be democratically elected government of Nigeria. Previously placed under the supervision of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, the Bureau is now in the office of the Secretary to the Secretary to the Govenment of the Federation
The Bureau serves as the Secretariat of the Streeing Committee on Reforms (SCR), chaired by the Secretary ot the Government of the Federation, with the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation as Vice Chair.